Welcome to Alaska SEED and the SEED Registry

What is Alaska SEED?

The Alaska System for Early Education Development, or SEED, is Alaska's early childhood professional development system. Based at thread, SEED is a collaborative of Head Start, the Tribal Childcare Association, State of Alaska Departments of Education and Early Development, Health and Social Services, Labor, thread, and other nonprofit agencies in Alaska. SEED integrates and recognizes the needs of a diverse workforce, which includes early care and learning providers, certified teachers, early interventionists, administrators, and others working in related positions that support the development of young children.

What is the Alaska SEED Registry?

The SEED Registry is a database supporting early childhood professionals and provides:

  • A cutting-edge database for early childhood professionals to track and plan their own professional development
  • A tool for early childhood professionals to document and quantify professional accomplishments
  • A reporting source that can inform stakeholders about the status of the early childhood workforce

The Registry staff validates and evaluates credit-based professional development and specialized credentials for placement on the SEED Career Ladder. This service is confidential and free of charge. To join the Alaska SEED Registry Click Here.

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